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Dynamic LED sign



A dynamic LED sign allows you to use the same proven principle without the huge budget a radio campaign requires! The study leaves little doubt that on-site signage delivers more market coverage with a higher degree of readership than any of the other media

If you are a small or medium business, most of the time the people that can see your signage are those who live or pass-by your trade area. The people that see your LED sign repeating your message over time are your potential customers - which will start to remember your products and services because your bright and dynamic LED sign became a point of reference in the static city environment. "Turn right at the bright moving sign!" Even people which are not you potential customers will start to mention you when giving directions to someone.

LED Signs are one of the most efficient and effective communication media available to the small businesses they give information about your business and direct people to your location."

That is even more true for a LED sign, which will exponentially increase your visibility (its bright!) and your ability to communicate (its dynamic!) and inform your potential customers - with daily updates, news and promotions.
A LED sign allows you to easily create and save up many messages and to create your own playlist which means that you can create tailored messages - and promotions! - for Christmas, San Valentine's Day, Easter, summer holidays and just schedule them when you need.



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