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Factory and Production

Factory and Production

Displays in the Factory

Within any manufacturing plant, there are a number of ways that electronic displays can enhance and assist management in obtaining the best results. In larger premises the electronic displays can form part of a multi-screen application with synchronised timing of messages. Its ability to convey information immediately to large groups of people in different areas simultaneously is the key to its adoption by more and more safety conscious companies and helps to underline the high priority that companies give to safety and production matters.
Production Displays

Electronic boards are an excellent way of reporting production information as the displays can be constantly updated with actual production figures and comparisons with either target or last years figures can easily be done. Production increase can be monitored by the workforce to increase morale.

The Displays can be linked directly to the plant's own PLC network and display information pertaining to production figures ie. Rate, Efficiency, Stoppages, Comparisons, etc giving results either in individual areas or as a whole plant.

The displays can be situated at prominent locations within a factory. The signs can convey up to the minute production information for factory operations to a large number of staff immediately, which is well suited to situations where bonus schemes are implemented.

Controls and Alarms

Demonstrating the status of your lines and systems and alerting you of any failures within a production line or within manufacturing an excessive reject rate for example..


Showing the position with regard to orders/manufacture/despatch on your jobs in real time. Or this can relate to a safety status and state of alert.


Features of a Stand Alone Display
* Progressive targets: units/m, units/h, units/d at 1 minute intervals
* Actual totals: counting can be done using magnetic or optical sensors.
* Free text pages - for announcements, time etc.
* Stoppages - on production lines can be recorded in a hidden page and later called up for interrogation.
* Remote Interrogation of the information stored in the display?s own memory bank.

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