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In the office environment the use of Electronic displays means that even in the largest of offices you can convey information to a large number of people both quickly and effectively, to either a small group of people or to the whole building. Our software allows you to set up your own groups in what ever configuration you require.

The viewing distances of the LED displays means that in certain environments maybe a single display can be used in a large office, for example the internal viewing distance of a 60mm high LED character sign would be approximately 25 metres, or in very large open plan offices maybe a sign at each end is all that is required. 

Our range of Electronic Display Signs are ideal for use in an ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) or Call Centre environment offering integration to Switch manufacturers and a full range of products from Single Colour Single Line Displays to Multi Line Tri-Colour Units.

The ACD LED Display Boards provide a high profile, simple yet effective means of conveying information on performance to Call Centre personnel, such as number of calls waiting, incoming and outgoing calls.

The facilty to use three colours on the ACD displays means that you can differentiate between different types of information or differentiate between information aimed at different people or departments.

Text can also be shown in double height on the Bi-line units to give extra emphasis to messages and can be interjected between standard information.

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