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Medical and NHS

Medical and NHS

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The Reception Display shown here on the right is used within hospital and clinic receptions and waiting areas.

It looks stylish and sleek as well as giving valuable information to the members of the public or in fact hospital staff.

It can be used to give information on clinic times, directional information, general clinic information and even safety information.

It is available with any number of lines of text and the unit itself can be colour coded to match a particular look that you require with the addition of customised vinyl cut graphics.

Information Display for community trust
The Multi Line Display shown on the right here is installed for the benefit of the staff within the Foundation Trust, specifically for training.

Each Line shows the training programme expected in that particular room, it can be updated instantly from a PC link and can rotate its information showing different courses and their start times if there are multiple training programmes on that day.

The Reception Displays can also be used in locations such as Doctors Surgeries for informative use. Our Patient Call Master Display system, provides a quick and simple add on to the Phoenix appointment system, providing a fast and efficient method of calling patients to their appointments 

* The Display links directly to your appointments system

* Doctors or other users can call patients quickly, directly and atuomatically, bypassing a request to reception to send the next patient, or having to walk to the waiting room, thus saving valuable doctors' time and allows the receptionists to concentrate on othere tasks such as booking patients.

* The patients name and the details of the next appointment are called up by the Doctor, allowing a fool proof and accurate calling method.

* Patients can clearly see their name, doctor and consulting room number ont the Display, a major benefit for the deaf or hard of hearing.

* Messages can also be set to run on the display, attracting interest and informing the patients. Advice on Clinics, vaccination programmes etc.

* Messages can be changed easily and quickly as new patients arrive.


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