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We have an extensive range of LED electronic signs suitable for the financial market, from Ticker displays connected to Newswire systems such as Reuters, Bloomberg, Dow Jones, etc., and complex stock market boards, through to Bank Teller displays and Exchange Rate boards for Bureau de Change, whatever your requirement we have a display for your application.

Our range of Electronic Display Signs are widely used in the banking and financial fields. We have many LED displays in dealing rooms, the very nature of electronic displays means that they are a perfect medium to convey financial news which is constantly changing. The electronic displays can either be changed manually via computer or for instant update the displays can be linked directly to receive information from your computer system using bespoke software.

* Ticker linked to Newswire Service
* World Time Clocks
* FTSE, Dow Jones, Nikkei etc.
* General Information Line
* Exchange Rate Display 





LED Electronic Displays can be linked to the specific 'Newswire' services such as Reuters and Bloomberg showing shares and comodities information in the form of a 'Ticker' display, this can be combined with other displays such as standard scrolling information lines or maybe with LED world time clocks showing times of specific business cities across the world so you know when Wall Street is opening!

It is becoming commonplace now in Banks to have 'TELLER' displays which are situated at the cashier stations to inform the customers which cashier or teller is now free, these are usually activated by a switch or button on the cashiers desk, the software senses which cashier has pressed their button and the appropriate message will then appear on the display for example "CASHIER 1 FREE >>>>" etc. The message will be displayed for a set amount of time and there is the option of having an audible warning too, for more information go to our section on Queueing.


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