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Areas of Aapplication

Nowadays big and bright, transmitting as a rule a “vivid” advertising video, LED screens (LED — Light Emitting Diodes) are widely used in advertising. Recently they can be seen more and more often on sports arenas where screens are used simultaneously as information displays and as means of broadcasting of the most interesting moments of competitions. Besides they are highly valued in show-business where they sweepingly force out less effective for big stages projective systems.


1. Fixed and mobile LED screens for business and advertising

The effectiveness of advertising on electronic displays is supported by the following advantages:

      • Unlike standard outdoor advertising, advertising on LED screens is very dynamic: constantly changing commercials are not boring;
      • There is a possibility to correct and change instantly information during an advertising campaign;
      •  The cost of advertising on screens is comparable to the cost of traditional outdoor advertising and some times lower than TV and radio commercials;
      • Unlike TV and radio advertising, commercials on LED screens are not perceived as a burden and do not cause irritation;
      • Sales of advertising time on LED screens is a stable source of income for advertising agencies.

The possession of your own display is a doubtless plus for the image and business of any company (more often these are big companies, banks, publishing houses, casinos, hotels, entertainment complexes, interested in the promotion of their goods, attracting of new customers to their offices, etc.).

2. Social and political activities and celebrations

Today LED screens are not only advertising mediums but a means of uniting people. Screens are very actively used:

    • in mass social and political, cultural and commercial activities
    • in pre-election campaigns, federal, regional and city campaigns
    • screens are a good means of information about organizers and sponsors of actions and exhibitions


3. Concerts, shows with a big amount of spectators and TV-shootings


Nowadays it is impossible to imagine a concert hall without a big screen that can transmit:

    • direct pickup and a close-up repetition of the most interesting parts of an action
    • video information about organizers and sponsors of a concert or a show
    • nowadays TV shootings or a concert are hardly possible without a screen or display cabinets as a part of graphic composition for the stages.


4. Sports sites and activities


Full-color LED screens have become an essential part of stadiums and other sports buildings:

  • Big sports displays can not only transmit graphical information or a score but also a live broadcast, a close-up repetition of the most interesting moments of sports competitions, video information about sponsors of a club, a stadium, a match, a competition and a tournament

  • Running commercials on a display during mass competitions is without doubt profitable for sponsors and advertisers: a commercial will be seen both by fans present at the stadium and by TV viewers

  • Running sponsors’ commercials on a display brings additional profit for the organizers of an action.


5. Systems of “outdoor TV and video” as the newest medium of mass information 

  • Effectively compete with such mass media as radio and television;

  • Can broadcast video and live TV programs including TV commercials;

  • Can run the latest information for the population (time, weather forecast, exchange rates, etc.);

  • Are the pride of both city authorities and all city inhabitants;

  • Are indispensable during holidays, concerts and mass city actions.


6. Other areas of application of LED panels and screens

LED screens, panels, displays can be also used as

  • Information warning systems at railway stations, airports, manufacturing departments, etc..

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