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Name:UW 5050 Flexible LED Light Strip 150 LEDs

Product Name:UW 5050 Flexible LED Light Strip 

Product No.:UW5050X15N-12
Product Model:UW 5050 Flexible LED Strip
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Non-waterproof Flexible LED Strip UW5050,3-LED cuttable, DC12V,150Leds/reel, 5m/reel

Advantages :

●Linear separable LED strip on flexible printed circuit board with self-adhesive back

Each unit of 3LEDs can be cut out at regular segments without damaging the rest ribbon

The connector is being upgraded. We will keep customers to be informed.

Edge-lighting of transparent or diffused materials
Path&contour Marking
Illuminated signs

Basic Technical Data

Standard length: 5meters

Ribbon width: single color 8mm, RGB tri-color-A 10mm, RGB tri-color-B 12mm

Printed circuit board thicknedd:

   1)Single color 0.25mm

   2)RGB tri-color 0.2mm

Working voltage: 12Vdc

Working current: Single color 2A, RGB tri-color-A 3A, RGB tri-color-B 4.8A

Entire ribbon LED quantity: 

   1)Single color 150pcs

   2)RGB tri-color 150pcs

Size of Smallest Unit 3LED(LxW):

   1)Single color 50mm x 8mm

   2)RGB tri-color-A 100mm x 10mm

   3)RGB tri-color-B 100mm x 12mm


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