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Name:LED Flash Poster

Detailed Product Description : LED Flash Poster 

 1)Indoor Dual-color LED display with SD cards(xxxxx Memory 1G card or more) : 
 2)Function : not need computer to control the content of display , But need a SD card to store your display content , and just available to display text and picture , flash files is not available to display.
 3)Pitch  Size: 7.625mm
 4)Panel size : 0.488 m x 1.708 m 
 5)Density / panel : 64 dots x 224 dots (your size of display area according to one by one panel connected.) 
 6)Display area : connected panel one by one for a large LED display 
 7)Other pixel size: (P6mm, P4.75mm, P4mm) play for this item are all available




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