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P20 Outdoor full color LED display

Size 8M X6M

Pixel:Two kind red+1green+1blue+Taiwan chipset.
Pixel distance: 20mm
Brightness: > 5500cd/m2
Systerm function description:
1.All the systerm adapt to the imported qualified original parts.
2.It is convenient to install,maintain for the module.
3.Easy,reliable and direct  to operate without too much software to drive.
4.To adapt to the static electronic drive,brightness can change ,good effect,Very clear,no glistering.
5.To adapt to the no line color difference correction technology,display well,resolution high,picture clear,distinct animation,
6.Lighting tube large view angle ,good lighting effection,brightness can adjust.
7.Single net line to transfer:Only one line can transfer screen video signals(1024*1024 degree).
8.Intelligence following function: To drag the mouse on the
LED display area to lock the screen.
9.Heavy transmittance:Sending card 1280X1024,receiving card1280X512.
10.  Brightness adjust:handfull and auto brightness adjust ,beside 256 class software,the receiving board have8 class brightness adjust connecting hole.
11.Network control: It can be controlled from the long distance ,and any computer on the network can open and close the screen,control display content,adjust brightness.etc.
12.Long distance transmittance:To adapt to the advanced transmittance technology with gigabit high speed  chipset .This technology can prevent the thunder,electrostatic.and it is a no relay long distance transmittance with the synchronization screen video signals and the transmittance distance is over 100 meters.
14.Software compatiblity strong:Can support above 100 kind display ways and can play and auto-play all kinds of the video and pictures information .
15.Quickly install and disassemble the cabinet
16.The video voice can be adjusted
17.The mached electricity system
18."Six prevent"to prevent the outdoor LED screen.
19.Water-proofing,heat preventing,electrostatic preventing,wind preventing,dampness preventing,cold preventing

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